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"My garage has been brimming with surfing equipment even before Stand Up Paddle style of riding waves came along. Then as if it were overnight, I was carrying on my car these 12-foot monsters! The real issue of course was what do I do with these humungous things!!! Thanks to Trevor, his SOLID team and his infectious passion to design Simple, SOLID, Solutions for any sized surfboard storage, I now know my babies are safe, secure and ready for use anytime I choose."

Tom Carrol
Tom Carrol 2 times World Champion Surfer, 3 X’s Pipeline Classic

    SOLID Racks interview: Bruce Raymond, former managing director of Quiksilver International, surfing legend and entrepreneur. Bruce talks about his role as wipe-out stuntman in the original 1978 surf cult movie "Big Wednesday".

    Tom Carrol
    Bruce Raymond Former managing director of Quiksilver International

      “I would recommend this system to anyone who wants a high-quality experience and outcome for sporting and rehabilitation facilities.”

      Ian Wilson Head of Infrastructure NYC FBC

      “We are able to move faster between exercises and can quickly adjust resistance. The wall provides a very multifunctional workout area in a limited amount of space. It enables us to use an area very efficiently and do exercises that would normally require more cumbersome, space occupying equipment.”

      Aus Health Physiotherapy
      Teira Jansen Director Of Aushealth Physiotherapy

        “The Solid Infinity Gym System has created space, versatility and durability needed to provide quality rehabilitation. This is the best solution on the market.”

        Kerri Clare Hospital Director - Macquarie Health Corporation

        "We also benefited by having endless storage and weight stacking areas which has made our space more efficient. I’d recommend this system to all trainers and physios looking for excellence. My staff and clients all love it.”

        Gavin Johnston Practice Principal EastWest Physiotherapy, Hunters Hill, NSW Australia

          “I encourage anyone seeking adaptable, efficient and cost effective storage and building solutions to consider the SOLID Infinity System.”

          NSW Governement
          Mike Baird Ex Premier of NSW

          If there are any fitness businesses looking for a point of difference, that something new or just starting out; I would highly recommend looking at the SIS.”

          Fitness Australia
          Daniel Ferguson Hill Manager, Relationships - Fitness Australia

            “SOLID RACKS are definitely the best rack on the market and are a must have for any serious surfer.”

            Barton Lynch
            Barton Lynch World Champion Surfer

            "Allows flexibility and versatility no matter their age."

            St Augustine's College
            Tim Cleary Principal St Augustine’s

              "Without the help of SOLID RACKS my most prized possessions would have lived out their lives in unorganised piles, damaged and dead to the world. However, with them all neatly stowed away, safe and sound in my SOLID RACKS they have come alive and I’m excited to surf each and every one of them.... in time, again."

              Layne Beachley
              LAYNE BEACHLEY 7x ASP World Champion

                "The SOLID Infinity Gym System has allowed us to create what was originally going to be a 12-metre corridor into an excellent functional training zone. The wall, storage racks and training equipment all look superb and opens up floor space with no cumbersome and ugly uprights. We liked the fact that the panels allow us to place our corporate colours behind them, while the design and ‘look and feel’ of the clip-on pieces is in keeping with the message of innovation and quality across our whole health club. …after 3 months of operation it has become one of the most popular areas of the gym floor. …it gives every individual user the total freedom to personalise the wall and workout exactly how he or she wants it at any given time, and it also gives club management the flexibility to add, remove and change storage and exercise equipment configuration as the needs and usage trends of our members change over time – as they always do."

                Scott Hood Managing Director – Australia Virgin Active

                  Functional Wall Systems & Modular Storage Solutions

                  Transform any wall, ceiling or structural column into functional exercise areas, providing a return on investment from previously under-utilized areas.

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